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 GOLD COAST ET CLIFF: "Branchés pour la musique!"


Ci-dessous un article très élogieux du plus important journal de GOLD COAST de ce 17 février! (Félicitations...Vous êtes toujours en pleine forme....Cliff paraît 45 ans....Le Peter Pan du rock...Pas de fumée sur scène ni de feu mais juste un jeu de lumières nécessaire et suffisant... Le "MEILLEUR" de Grande-Bretagne...Le maître, la classe...ETC....Albert et Jessie (couple de 70 ans) n'auraient raté ce concert pour rien au monde, même pas pour tout le thé de Chine...CLIFF et GOLD COAST étaient ce soir BRANCHéS POUR LA MUSIQUE!

Cliff Richard Wired for sound on Coast 

The confirmed bachelor boy, now pushing 70 but looking closer to 45 at last night's Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre gig, was reunited with his backing group and proved that after 50 showbiz years star quality is ageless.

Dressed in a salmon pink jacket and a gold tie, the Poms' clean-cut Peter Pan of pop, guided in by the trademark twangs and tremeloes of guitarists Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, opened with We Say Yeah.

There was no smoke and fireworks, just a good old-fashioned lighting which helped highlight how the oohs and aahs around me for Living Doll and A Voice In The Wilderness came from gratified grannies in a sea of silver perms and ebbing hairlines.

The favourites flowed but it wasn't all saccharine-sweet '50s and '60s adolescent angst and acne anthems.

After the interval the tempo rose with the Eddie Cochran classic C'Mon Everybody as a prelude to foot-tappers such as Dynamite, All Shook Up, Nine Times Out Of Ten and Move It.

Marvin, now living in Perth, Welch and drummer Brian Bennett had monumental instrumental smash hits and, while Sir Cliff took a couple of breaks, they plundered their repertoire with Apache, FBI, Dance On and the somnolent Sleepwalk.

OK, their forward-reverse step-over dance routine was defiantly dated but what the heck: they were all here, together, Down Under for the first time since 1961.

Ending with Young Ones, it was a memorable masterclass of good, wholesome family entertainment from the best of British ... at least the best of what's left of it.

Albert and Jessie Worthington, septuagenarians from Manchester enjoying a holiday in Australia, said they wouldn't have missed the show 'for all the tea in China'.

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 alecoute13, le 17-02-2010 à 14:48:17 :



Bon aprés-midi aussi Coco!!

Mon vote!!

Merci pour ton billet sur Cliff!!

Journée de pluie aujourd'hui...!!

Des gros bisous mouillés!!

A trés bientôt!!



cliffette, le 17-02-2010 à 13:42:23 :

Tu es trop prolifique Coco !

Gardes-en pour les jours suivants.

Tu as bien fait de me le signaler car, étourdie, je n'avais pas vu cet article et..je ne serai certainement pas la seule !