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Hank Marvin invites you to check out his new Facebook page.

Welcome to the new Hank Marvin official page. Hank is currently busy in the studio recording a brand new album which is set for release later in the year, and this page is a behind-the-scenes look at Hank in action. Make sure you like and share the page with fellow fans for a whole host of exclusive photos, video clips, and related stories.
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cliffette, le 13-02-2017 à 02:18:20 :

Enfin, j'ai accès au blog !

Cliff tout de blanc vêtu a chanté au gala de charité "Because of Jenna Trust Gala Ball".

Photo Elisabeth Bring.

Bonne semaine à tous.

cliffette, le 10-02-2017 à 01:15:02 :

N'oubliez pas de regarder Lorraine sur ITV ce matin !

Photo Irene Ma.
Bonne journée à tous.

cliffette, le 09-02-2017 à 00:45:00 :

Bonne journée.

Cliff sur BBC 2.