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 Attendez-vous au meilleur a dit CLIFF RICHARD


" Je reviens pour le meilleur" a expliqué hier Cliff à un millier de fans venus pour une séance de dédicaces dans l'Adega do Cantor...Plus en forme et plus rajeuni que jamais....tellement ravi et proche de ses supporters avec lesquels il a posé pour des photos et longuement bavardé. Prochain rendez-vous, dès ce samedi TO THE CRUISE!!! Et là, j'en connais qui seront ravis!


Cliff Richard poses for photos with fans


Andy Commins/Daily Mirror Cliff Richard speaks with fans at his vineyard in Qunita do Miradoura

Cliff Richard speaks with fans at his vineyard in Quinta do Miradoura


He was left devastated by her death, which came on top of a 22-month ­investigation into false claims he groped a teenage boy in the 80s.

A police raid on his ­Berkshire mansion was filmed and aired on the BBC, leaving him shattered. Sir Cliff’s other sister Joan was with him for the meet and greet at his Adega do Cantor vinyard in Albufeira.

Andy Commins/Daily Mirror Fans gather at Cliff Richard's vineyard in Qunita do Miradoura

Fans gather at Cliff Richard's vineyard in the Algarve

The 66-year-old said: “It’s been really horrible. But today shows how many fans he’s got. They stick by him no matter what.

“I always say that to him, ‘They stick by you.’ They’ve always believed in him which is so great. He is so lovely and such a wonderful person.”

Fans flew from all around the world to see their idol at the event to mark a new red wine from the vineyard.

They braved 30C heat as the singer posed for pictures with them for almost four hours. Looking a picture of health, Sir Cliff told them: “They said you are looking very hot today, well you are very hot.”


Fan Joanna Davis had to be helped up off the floor by the Mirror after a dizzy spell.

But the 70-year-old refused to go back to her hotel to recover. She said: “I’ve already seen Cliff and given him a big kiss, but I want to stay until the very end.

Andy Commins/Daily Mirror Mirror reporter Halina Watts pictured with Cliff Richard

Mirror reporter Halina Watts pictured with Cliff

“This is the longest signing he’s ever given. He’s so dedicated to us. I’m flying from here to Barcelona where Cliff is performing at a cruise on Sunday. We’ll be sailing with him for five days. I’m beyond excited.”

Sheila Bartlett, 65, added: “He was on great form, laughing and joking with us. He was saying he’s back to his best and thanked us for his support. We love him.”

Chrissie Truman travelled from Barnsley, South Yorks, with her five friends who each sported gold “I am a proud Clifette” rosettes.

Andy Commins/Daily Mirror Rosemary Eldon, Anne Murtagh, Margaret Steadman, Chris Truman, Chris Fallis and Elaine Wright



Andy Commins/Daily Mirror A fan meets Cliff Richard at his vineyard in Qunita do Miradoura

Ci-dessus Sarah, une Clifette allemande et sa légendaire banderole.....derrière laquelle j'avais posé lors du concert de Cliff au palais 12 voici 18 mois!

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cliffette, le 25-08-2016 à 02:41:53 :

Quel professionnalisme !

Cliff a posé 530 fois rien que pour les photos Birch Photography !
Moi, je rêve encore avec ce coucher de soleil à Benagil.Portugal.
Photos Presso Praia and Andy Commins.

Bonne journée encore caniculaire ici.