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Il aura fallu deux ans pour que CLIFF soit lavé de tout soupçon dans une affaire rocambolesque de soi-disant agression sexuelle sur un homme aujourd'hui âgé de plus de 50 ans, plainte datant de 35 ans!

Cliff nous explique son soulagement sur sa page facebook. Je n'avais pas abordé ce sujet sur ce blog...Nous sommes des millions à partager un gros soupir de bonheur avec Cliff dont la réputation aura été salie....

"After almost two years under police investigation I learnt today that they have finally closed their enquiries. I have always maintained my innocence, co-operated fully with the investigation, and cannot understand why it has taken so long to get to this point! Nevertheless, I am obviously thrilled that the vile accusations and the resulting investigation have finally been brought to a close.

Ever since the highly-publicised and BBC filmed raid on my home I have chosen not t...o speak publicly. Even though I was under pressure to ‘speak out’, other than to state my innocence, which was easy for me to do as I have never molested anyone in my life, I chose to remain silent. This was despite the widely shared sense of injustice resulting from the high profile fumbling of my case from day one. Other than in exceptional cases, people who are facing allegations should never be named publicly until charged. I was named before I was even interviewed and for me that was like being hung out like ‘live bait’. It is obvious that such strategies simply increase the risk of attracting spurious claims which not only tie up police resources and waste public funds, but they forever tarnish the reputations of innocent people. There have been numerous occasions in recent years where this has occurred, and I feel very strongly that no innocent person should be treated in this way.

I know the truth and in some peoples’ eyes the CPS’ announcement today doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t expressly state that I am innocent; which of course I am. There lies the problem. My reputation will not be fully vindicated because the CPS’ policy is to only say something general about there being ‘insufficient’ evidence. How can there be evidence for something that never took place! This is also a reason why people should never be named publicly until they have been charged unless there are exceptional circumstances.

To my fans and members of the public, to the press and media, all of whom continued to show me such encouraging and wonderful support, I would like to say “thank you” it would have been so much harder without you."


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cliffette, le 18-06-2016 à 01:47:38 :

Nous sommes tous très heureux !

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