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  HIER à LIVERPOOL dans l'antre des BEATLES et près de PENNY LANE envahie par ses fans, CLIFF a été reçu 5 sur 5 au Philarmonic Central Hall.. Il poursuivra sa tournée triomphale ce dimanche au MANCHESTER BRIDGEWATER HALL...avec ses RED DEVIL "WOMEN"...Les 2400 places ont été vendues.

DEBRA sur PENNY LANE, la nostalgie des BEATLES mais l'actu bien présente de CLIFF RICHARD!


The Bridgewater Hall






Photo de Cliffette De France.


Article dithyrambique de l'Echo de Liverpool pour le plus grand chanteur britannique de tous les temps.

 Review: Cliff Richard at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall


Alan Weston gives his verdict on Cliff's 75th Birthday Tour


Sir Cliff Richard performs on stage at the during his 75th birthday tour

To say it’s been a torrid year for the Peter Pan of pop would be an understatement, but so far it hasn’t diminished his status as a national treasure. Both Sir Cliff and his devoted fan base are well used to flak by now, and if anything they thrive on it, on the principle of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Sir Cliff made no direct reference to his well-publicised troubles in this sell-out show at the Phil, part of his 75th birthday tour, but he did regale us with plenty of tales from his life as a still very much active performing and recording artist. In the same way as the Queen is now Britain’s longest serving monarch, Sir Cliff must be her nearest pop star equivalent - her epic reign was only six years old when he first burst through in what is a notoriously fickle business.

He bounded on stage in a breathable leather grey suit and began, as it were, at the very end with a brand new track, a heartfelt ballad called Golden. But it wasn’t long before he went right back to the beginning with his breakthrough hit, Living Doll, which won him the first of many standing ovations during the course of the evening.

As Sir Cliff himself said, he has never been a one-man show, and he was joined on stage by a full complement of gifted musicians and backing vocalists - two of whom gamely imitated the famous dance steps with which Cliff and The Shadows performed such classics as Summer Holiday and The Young Ones (which the 75-year-old dedicated “to everyone under the age of 76.”) Sir Cliff also shared the limelight on a couple of numbers by duetting with Suzie Furlonger, whose much younger voice beautifully complemented that of the veteran.

There was also a heartfelt tribute to the late Cilla Black with the ballad, The Next Time.

After the first half, which was largely dominated by slower numbers, Sir Cliff returned for the second half of the show dressed all in black save for a red waistcoat. This signalled a more rock ‘n’ roll-oriented set, which went down a storm with such barnstorming tunes as Devil Woman, Wired for Sound, and a medley of tunes made famous either by himself (Please Don’t Tease, On the Beach) or others (Great Balls of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On).

Sir Cliff hasn’t lost his gift of knowing how to work both the stage and the audience. He has that rare ability to make everyone feel as though he is their personal friend. Although the devil might have the best tunes, Sir Cliff is proof that the Prince of Darkness doesn’t have it all his own way.

A solid 5/5




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cliffette, le 05-10-2015 à 07:45:27 :

Bonne semaine à tous.

Photo prise à Birmingham par Jan Eastaugh.

JCD, le 04-10-2015 à 19:10:40 :

Salut JPH

Bonne semaine avec la tournée de Cliff que tu nous résumes si bien


Colette Baudry, le 04-10-2015 à 14:12:10 :

Via FB

Colette Baudry Très beau Jean-Pierre la couleur te va bien émoticône smile