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Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard O.B.E Bronze Sculpture

Sir Cliff Richard O.B.E. So much has been written over fifty years or so on the subject of Cliff. I am sure practically everybody knows how he manages to remain at the top of his industry by continually reinventing his public persona. He may have started in a pop group but he is now a seasoned performer of ballads, jazz, swing, soul and anything else it seems!

Unbelievably in his seventies, this consummate professional shows no sign of letting up and his sell-out performances still set records for filling vast auditoriums.

I chose not to represent Cliff’s ‘pop’ image but tried to capture the more serious sides of his personality. He is deeply committed to a number of causes and donates millions of pounds to charity. Humanity shines in his eyes.

Long may you continue Sir Cliff!

Linda and Bryan Preece



Cliff Richard in natural light


 Qu'on aime ou pas, le principal c'est que cette statue existe...avec les yeux et le sentiment de l'artiste...
Like it or not , the main thing is that statue exist ... with eyes and feeling of the artist ...


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Kerry from FB, le 31-05-2015 à 13:58:16 :

from FB

Kerry Christina... Hart To be fair i can see a very very slight resemblance to cliff , its coz its sculptured it looks odd

Angie P., le 31-05-2015 à 13:56:30 :

From FB

Super mooi gedaan!

cliffette, le 31-05-2015 à 09:17:48 :

Je préfère les photos prises par les fans !

Bonne fête des mères aux mamans françaises.

Photo Petra Bartels.
Bon dimanche à tous.

serge.g , le 30-05-2015 à 19:09:36 :


je ne la trouve pas terrible mais elle vient du fond du coeur. bon week end