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The Peta Birch Community Association has been set up by Peta's family to
continue her charity work and aims to provide support and opportunities
to children, animals, and Roma families in the Algarve. 

Sadly, in March 2013 Peta Birch was in a fatal car accident.
Peta was an inspiring individual who devoted her time and energy
to charitable work. Her tireless enthusiasm and dedication
made a tremendous difference to the people, animals and
organizations she helped. Her family hope that through the
Peta Birch Community Association her work will continue to grow,
and her memory will live on.

Read more about the preliminary focus areas and projects: 
childrenhorses, and Roma families or e-mail us
at info@petabirch.org for more information.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to Peta's charities
since March, 2013. Since we do not have the contact information
for everyone that donated, we cannot e-mail individual thank you's,
but are very appreciative for the support shown.


Sir Cliff Richard to host event in memory of Peta Birch

L'Adega do Cantor à Guia vivra une journée à la mémoire de Peta

Birch, belle soeur de Nigel administrateur des vignes. Peta a

disparu  en mars 2013 de façon tragique et accidentelle.

Elle s'occupait de nombreuses oeuvres philantropiques

dans la région d'ALBUFEIRA. Ce prochain 4 août, nous serons

300 à participer à cette journée. Et parmi ceux-ci CLIFF,

qui est en fait chez lui, chantera quelques morceaux...

Pour la bonne cause...



Sir Cliff Richard and his partners at the Adega do Cantor winery, Nigel and Lesley Birch, are to host a charity evening

on Monday 4 August

in memory

of the late long-term Algarve philanthropist Peta Birch, who was tragically killed in March last year in a crash on the EN125.

Sir Cliff Richard to host event in memory of Peta Birch

Peta moved to the Algarve in the early 1970s and from the moment she arrived she worked extensively with several regional charities,


a real difference to the families, children, animals and institutions she supported.
She dedicated 35 years to helping Albufeira’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia, in particular the Pirilampos home

for children,

and Amigos de Crianças.

The family donated the land for the Pirilampos children’s shelter to be built upon and financed trips for the

Santa Casa’s children.

An avid animal-lover she worked with SOS Algarve Animals, rescuing and fostering cats and dogs. In three years she fostered

72 puppies

and started the ARC Horse Welfare partner group for neglected horses.

Peta, who was in her early sixties at the time of her tragic death, also lent her support to families in the Albufeira Marina gypsy


supplying them with clothing, food, and medical care as well as helping their animals and children.
Next month, on the evening of 4 August, an event is to be held at the Adega do Cantor winery, at Quinta do Miradouro,

Guia (Albufeira, Algarve),

which will be an “evening of wine and music to celebrate and remember the life of Peta Birch.”
Sir Cliff Richard will be putting on a “special performance” for the occasion, which will also feature

the Suoniamo Italian youth orchestra,

playing light classical pieces.

Vida Nova wines and canapés will be served. Space is limited and tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.
Tickets cost €20 per person, payable via Paypal or cheque (see www.petabirch.org/charity-concert for more information

on how to pay)


proceeds go to the Peta Birch Community Association which continues the good work undertaken by Peta


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Carmen de Ghoy, le 14-07-2014 à 17:51:50 :

04 août

Bonjour à tous

Un très beau geste de Cliff en l'honneur d'une personne ayant un cœur gros comme ça

et qui a quitté ce monde bien trop vite.

Carmen de Ghoy, le 14-07-2014 à 17:51:49 :

04 août

Bonjour à tous

Un très beau geste de Cliff en l'honneur d'une personne ayant un cœur gros comme ça

et qui a quitté ce monde bien trop vite.

cliffette, le 14-07-2014 à 08:05:20 :

Joyeux 14 juillet !

Photo Angelique von Söhsten.

lilithewitch, le 13-07-2014 à 12:18:34 :

rendez-vous à Guia

 je suis contente d'avoir pris la décision de participerà cet évènement en mémoire de Peta, que je n'ai pas connu personnellement, mais il s'agit de la soeur de Lesley, l'épouse de Nigel ( que je connais bien)... Peta était l'épouse du frère de Nigel, deux frères étaient tombés amoureux de deux soeurs... et maintenant cet accident a causé des dégâts dans leur vie de famille, Peta laisse un grand vide chez les siens et les gens ainsi que les animaux pour lesquels elle a vécu afin de rendre leur vie plus facile. Cliff rendra hommage à sa façon en fredonnant quelques chanson... nous serons là pour montrer notre sympathie