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 Le GRANPA du ROCK, recordman mondial!


Super CLIFF à BERLIN où 3500 fans ont reçu des "Baisers de Papillons" de la part de celui que la presse allemande résume de la sorte: " Le GRANDPA du Rock-Pop, premier vendeur de disques en Angleterre (260 millions), qui vient de sortir son 100è album (record du monde) et number ones au cours des 6 dernières décennies (autre record non égalé)!!!

Not necessarily a good translation.
Cliff Richard distributed in Berlin "Butterfly Kisses"
By Peter E. Müller

Cliff Richard sang in front of about 3,500 fans at the Berlin O2 World.   He takes the age with humor.  "The other day I was in a restaurant in Paris", Cliff Richard told in the course of his Berlin concert.  "As the maitre d'hotel came to my table and asked: What's your name I say:. My name is Cliff Richard And he says," Richard let melt the punch in the mouth: "That can not be, the 's already long dead "  The audience is amused.  The now 74-year-old entertainer is to be spitzbübischstes grin and clarifies: "I'm not dead"  Casual, charming and toned he faces three and a half thousand visitors on the stage of the O2 World and can happen more than a half-century music history Revue.

The Pop-Grandpa takes this uncanny teen acting sonny boy in black glittering dinner jacket from none.  For more than 55 years he has been in business.  He has sold in his career, around 250 million records.  He has experienced the wild early days of Rock 'n' Roll in the UK on their own bodies.  With the guitar heroes The Shadows he has mixed up the British Isles in the 50s and 60s, and later spared no matter how banal transgression towards pop and pop.  With his hero Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, he was great.  And with his new stage show is the Indian-born Briton exactly back to these beginnings.

"The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook" is Cliff Richards 100th album, released last year, on which he pays tribute to American companions such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers tribute.  On its always nice, unobtrusive, music loving way.  Finally, Richard was always the effective mass teenager with good manners.  The Americans had Elvis.  The Germans had Peter Kraus.  And the British had Cliff Richard, with his mix of party-rock-'n'-roll and heartbreak ballads should conquer the whole world soon.

The tension crackles in the multi-purpose hall, when the London Doo-wop vocal group The Overtones with classics such as "Runaway," "Runaround Sue" and "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" corresponds to the evening.  As Cliff Richard rises without major conversion break in connection with Chuck Berry's "Reelin 'and Rockin'" in the spotlight, the movement into the auditorium.  He goes directly to known in his less song "My Kinda Life", as if to manifest so, what is it all about: the show to the stage to a life in music.

While his colleagues were a dissolute rock-n-roller lifestyle full of sex and drugs never averse to Cliff Richard has always lived the time influence on improper healthy.  He drank no alcohol, though he be lord of a vineyard in Portugal today. No drugs he had not already apply.  But he found his fulfillment in early Christianity, which was reflected in his songs.  But on a rock-pop style, as you would during his appearance at the ICC Berlin in the 80s when songs like "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?"  could live.  Now at the O2 World is early hits like "Move It", his first single in 1958, the film title song "The Young Ones" of 1962 and "Summer Holiday" from 1963, also title song of a British teen film, the 50 - plus bring audiences into Revel.

Eight experienced musicians and a vocal savvy singer strengthen the singing, dancing, hip and behind jiggling entertainer's back.  He can rely on the best sound and a sophisticated lighting control.  He is in good voice, he chats always sympathetic with his fans and maintains persistent and professionally for more than two hours.  Here, in the blinding glare of the spotlight his colorful world.  Lots of cover songs, in the program.  Johnny Otis' "Willie And The Hand Jive" for example, Buddy Holly's "Rave On" and "Rip It Up" by Little Richard.  The versions appear at its corners and edges slightly smoothed, but also the ghost of a Las Vegas show can not touch these songs easily.

Nevertheless, of course he knows what he is guilty of his German fans.  "Congratulations" for example.  And, although they had virtually denied the Euro Vision Song Contest 1968 victory.  Cliff Richard had set off for the UK with this smooth-running hit in the race, was always close in the scoring front.  Until recently, Germany forgave his points and the Spanish contribution by a single point allowed the victory.  Great Britain was only second, "Congratulations" but a Europe-wide hit.  And who still knows the Spanish winning song "La, La, La" by singer Massiel?

Of course, he also brought something special for Berlin.  A small Tonstudiobox is wheeled in.  On the one hand, to demonstrate how the working conditions like in a recording studio, on the other hand, to give Cliff Richard the opportunity to read a phonetically quoted text from a cheat sheet on the music stand.  For he has resumed for the first time a piece on German for 40 years.  Although he confesses: "My German is broken."  It is the translation of a song that Bob Carlisle wrote in 1997 for his daughter and was covered by Westlife.  "Butterfly Kisses" is the ballad now and it reeks of Flutes Kitsch and Tränenduselei.

But the proximity to the hit was for Richard finally never a problem.  In 1963 he landed at No. 1 on the German charts with "Red lips to kiss you," a translation of "Lucky Lips," which he now sings for a happy audience in Berlin.  And here he is at least the chorus by heart in German.  He has recorded in his career repeatedly plates in foreign languages, but German and Japanese, so he confessed, were for him an ordeal.  For the "Lucky Lips" but come pretty loose on the ramp.

Between all the cherished rock oldies like "Poetry In Motion", "Sealed With A Kiss" and "Dreamlover" always remains room for your own hits.  With "Devil Woman", he managed from 1976 to the Top 20 on the Billboard charts.  Meanwhile, a list issued by Sir Cliff perfume that name.  And "We Do not Talk Anymore" 1979 was a number 1 in Germany.  Now the song is at the end of a pop show full of memories with a singer, for all these songs sort of like a fountain of youth.  One legend is honored.  He can swim in applause.  With Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance" as the last addition of the chivalrous lucky charm sends his loyal fans in the cold Berlin night. 

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cliffette, le 16-05-2014 à 16:18:38 :

Belles photos sur la page du Fanclub allemand !

Photomontage fait avec une photo de Sarah Grallert à Berlin de Cliff chantant

"Schmetterlings-Küsse / Butterfly Kisses".

Bonne journée et surtout bonne soirée à mes amis.

Cliff singing « Schmetterlings-Küsse ( Butterfly Kisses)" . Photo taken in Berlin by Sarah Grallert . - See more at: http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/cliffettefr/media/CliffSchmetterlings-Kuumlsse-ButterflyKissesSarahGrallert_zpsb57f012b.jpg.html#sthash.t1ssJKHf.dpuf

Cliff singing « Schmetterlings-Küsse ( Butterfly Kisses)" . Photo taken in Berlin by Sarah Grallert . - See more at: http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/cliffettefr/media/CliffSchmetterlings-Kuumlsse-ButterflyKissesSarahGrallert_zpsb57f012b.jpg.html#sthash.t1ssJKHf.dpuf