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Nos amis allemands nous envoient plein d'images sur la prestation de CLIFF hier à BERLIN....Merci à eux de me permettre de les partager...


The second concert in Berlin was fabulous! Thank you Cliff for a great show tonight! You are the best! (Steffi)


Had a BLAST at the concert tonight bit late getting back . I thought i would upload a few pics I've taken with my phone. The support act the Overtones are FANTASTIC if you ever get the chance to see these talented guys ..... then do it !!! I am going to get their Cd and YES they really were that good!!!! I cannot speak too highly of them. After the concert we got a taxi back to the train station. Thankfully there was a lovely taxi driver who chatted to us on the way back. We all went to McDonald's had a coffee and something to eat. Sue and I chatted to some nice folk on the train on the way over to the concert venue. Got another great tour of Berlin late at night lol . I know not all my Facebook friends are fans... sorry about that. I have a few folk in Australia keen to get the news so thank you for your patience (Deba Bruce)

 Johnny B Goode Berlin 14th May, this performance was so hot, everything I imagined, in Hamburg i couldn't even pick up the camera during this song. Sorry the lighting is on Cliff but wanted to share the feeling from it. (Elaine)

Second night of the tour was another success! Cliff was in fabulous voice, good mood, I got interviewed for German TV

Absolutely a brilliant concert tonite. Berlin 14th May 2014 (Adela)


Post concert selfie at the Holiday Inn, Berlin ,by the O2 Arena.


BIANCA, SARAH et les autres.....après le concert de Berlin

Post concert selfie at the Holiday Inn, Berlin ,by the O2 Arena.


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Carmen de Ghoy, le 15-05-2014 à 14:14:56 :

Clii à Bertlin

Bonjour à tous

moi je suis vraiment en admiration, Quelle forme physique, quel beau spectacle

et dire qu'il y a des petits jeunots qui croient se rendre intéressants en vomissant sur la scène. On est bien loin de ça et je ne cite personne.

Cliff1956, le 15-05-2014 à 13:59:46 :


Those photos are beautiful! Thank you to give us a first impression of the concert. We see that you had a lot of fun! Ces photos sont vraiment nettes et magnifiques. Merci. Que du bonheur! Bons rêves a une certaine petite sorcière et bon préparatifs a tous ceux qui vont aller a Oberhausen. Bonne soirée a tous Marie

cliffette, le 15-05-2014 à 11:09:19 :

C'est normùal Serge !

Sa veste rouge et son jean à rayure rouge a beaucoup plu à ses fans féminines alors il était normal qu'il garde cette tenue pour la tournée européenne !

serge.g , le 15-05-2014 à 10:04:38 :


c'est marrant il a garder ses costume de scène de l'an dernier

Linda M., le 15-05-2014 à 06:02:53 :

Thank You JP

Linda McGregor... what a pose from our man ,love it Jean-Pierre ,thank you so much for sharing xxxxxx