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Les articles se multiplient sur les sites et dans les journaux britanniques pour honorer la remarquable prestation de Cliff dimanche à Manchester. "Peter Pan" et ses fidèles fans s'en sont donné à coeur joie.

Cliff Richard on stage at the Manchester Arena
Cliff Richard on stage at the Manchester Arena
Simon Pendrigh

Sir Cliff Richard takes to the stage dressed like a man much less than half his 72 years.

He is resplendent in bright red blazer, blue jeans and white Converse trainers. The word ‘hipster’ springs to mind.

And Sir Cliff is sprightly – still Peter Pan-like after all these years – as he launches into the first few numbers, accompanied by his eight-piece band.

The audience, perhaps 10 years Sir Cliff’s junior on average, take a while to get going, however. But by Ripping it Up, they are dancing in the Manchester Arena’s aisles.

By We Don’t Talk Anymore, something akin to a moshpit of ecstatic 50-somethings has formed at the front.

It’s proof positive that Cliff – and his fans – can still rock out, something equally in evidence during Devil Woman, the set’s highlight.

Younger audiences, and the critics, can sneer all they want. On this evidence, the old stager is long past caring what anyone thinks of him and just wants to spend time with devoted fans.

Sam Stutter

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JCD, le 04-06-2013 à 12:59:14 :

Hello JPH!

Merci encore pour toutes ces belles et bonnes nouvelles sur Cliff



, le 04-06-2013 à 08:01:56 :

Hello JPH!

Patrick Boulanger


 Oui et nous aurons très certainement le DVD de cette tournée.

serge.g , le 04-06-2013 à 06:00:37 :


de bonnes critiques bonne journée

Patrick Boulanger, le 04-06-2013 à 01:59:26 :

Cliff sur scène chez nous?

Patrick Boulanger... J'espère qu'il viendra bientôt en Belgique

, le 03-06-2013 à 15:57:01 :

From Suzette Stephens

Suzette Stephens... Thank you Jean- Pierre great article