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Je n'ai rien contre la MADONNE mais....

Le Daily de ce lundi compare le look extrêmement jeune de CLIFF avec le visage boursoufflé de Madonna à laquelle il rend pourtant une différence de 20 ans. 7/7 reprend une partie de cet article....Cliff fait la "Une" des grands journaux britanniques avec sa nouvelle tournée ROCK entamée samedi...Leeds et Manchester avant d'autres....A suivre aussi sur mon blog http://cocoheinen.bloguez.com/

So Madonna, think you'll look as good as Cliff and Barbra in your 70s? Fans  complain about star's 'swollen face' as all three take to the stage

By  Simon Cable


When it comes to holding back  those  fine lines, there's, well, a fine line between success and going just a little  too far.

Despite being almost two decades Madonna's  senior, Barbra Streisand and Cliff Richard gave the 54-year-old a run for her  money as all three made appearances this weekend.

While the older stars won plaudits, onlookers  flooded Twitter with comments about Madonna's 'swollen' face, with one writing:  'Madonna, please stop messing with your face. It used to be lovely and now it's  weird.'

Eternally youthful: Cliff Richard, 72, credits diet and exercise for his appearance

Eternally youthful: Cliff Richard, 72, credits diet and  exercise for his appearance

Another added: 'Madonna looks absolutely  ridiculous these days. Why on earth would anyone want to do THAT to their face?' 

The remarks came as the star appeared at  Twickenham Stadium for the Sound of Change charity gig.




She has previously insisted she stays looking  young with the help of good skincare products and denied having any cosmetic  procedures, but admitted she would not rule it out.

Miss Streisand and Sir Cliff, meanwhile,  received a much more positive response at their shows on Saturday  night.

Puffy: Madonna's appearance didn't impress fans
Smooth: Barbra Streisand swears by sunscreen

Puffy: Madonna's appearance didn't impress fans (left)  and (right) Barbra Streisand, who swears by sunscreen


Fans paid up to £471 a ticket to see Miss  Streisand, 71, at the O2 arena in London, describing her afterwards as 'pure  class'.

Miss Streisand has never admitted to surgery  and credits her looks to yoga, sunscreen and a happy home life.

Sir Cliff, 72, who opened his tour at  Harewood House, near Leeds, once  confessed to using Botox but said he stopped  after his eyebrows began to sag.

He also follows a diet tailored to his blood  type and plays tennis three times a week.


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serge.g , le 04-06-2013 à 12:03:58 :


c'est vrai que Madonna n'st pas top! mais pour barbra je trouve que c'est du vol le prix des billets serge