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Joan dont Lili vous a déjà parlé nous donne son avis critique et objectif du premier concert de Singapour qui s'est déroulé dans une petite salle (confirmation) où quelques places étaient vides. Joan n'a apprécié qu'à moitié la première partie car faite de trop de chansons si souvent entendues. Par contre, elle a savouré la seconde mieux adaptée avec le titre du concert. La voix de Cliff superbe, sa belle forme physique de jeune homme, ses deux complices ont bien plu à Joan qui nous raconte une anecdote. " Une dame ivre a approché la scène et a dérangé Cliff qui l'a repoussée. La police est intervenue....De plus amples détails ci-dessous, en anglais."

Anyone else think that Age is just a number? :)


Joan a rencontré Rachan PATHELA dont vous avez l'adresse du site à la Une de mon blog....


Hi All

Went to the concert last night in the Grand Theatre, aptly named,
what a lovely place, small and intimate.  Had a good seat in Row 5, on the end
of the side but the middle aisle so an unrestricted view of the stage, if a bit
on the side. They said it was sold out but there were 4 empty seats in my
row!!  For those of you who don't like to hear a critical view I would switch
off now!!

I didn't enjoy the first half all that much, too much of the
old stuff I've heard so many times over more that 50 years, but that is what the
majority of the fans come to hear.  Rocking it wasn't, not even reeling to
me.The only addition was 'Evergreen Tree' which seemed a bit laboured, not one
of my favourites but very popular in S E Asia. The audience loved it, the other
song which had the mainly reserved audience on their feet was 'Outsider'.

The second half was much better for me, much rockier, the sort of music
I expect to hear in keeping with the title of the concert. His voice was
excellent. see, I do say good things!!  And nobody could deny that the energy he
puts into the performance was over 100%, esp. for a man of his age, but then age
is just a number, if you keep your body fit it's not difficult.

I liked
the new band, a very tight outfit and the singers, wasn't too keen on Suzy, good
voice but the two new guys were great, well chosen. When Cliff was doing his bit
about a lady recognising him in New York, he was heckled by a woman who declared
that she could walk and not fall over, she was really drunk and tried to get
down to the front of the stage. Cliff told her to 'shut up' and she was escorted
back to her seat.

Loved the rocky ending, this is what I came to
see.  Might give the MV and first half a miss in the UK, only joking, I
think!!  The drunk woman was behind me when we got down to the front of the
stage at the end, telling like a banshee right in my ear.  She kept telling
people to get on the stage then after, she asked me if I had enjoyed the concert
and I said I would have more if she hadn't been yelling enough to drown
Cliff.  She got quite abusive. shrieking 'I've lived here for 20 years'. so I
told she was drunk and a disgrace at which point she was escorted out by

Lovely to see Rachan and Amelia at the concert.

Joan............off to enjoy the sunshine!!


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lilithewitch, le 26-02-2013 à 09:06:43 :

une petite correction

Amélia n'est pas l'épouse de Rachan, c'est une autre fan, j'ai réfléchi longuement et maintenant le nom de l'épouse de Rachen m'est revenu, elle s'appelle Neelam

lilithewitch, le 26-02-2013 à 03:31:38 :


Les reportages de Joan sont toujours honnêtes et elle n'a pas peur de critiquer, mais je dois dire que son récit est particulièrement positif, elle n'en revient pas de le revoir depuis 54 années et de retrouver à chaque fois un artiste parfait avec une voix sublime... Cliff a été interrompu par cette dame ivre lorsqu'il racontait l'histoire des gens qui l'ont reconnu à New York et lui a dit: Shut up!... 'Taisez-vous ', BRAVO Cliff!