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 SCR: " J'aurais été un bon père de famille"


Enfin un intervieuw qui sort un peu de la banalité et de l'ordinaire des précédents avec des réponses intéressantes de Cliff....Traductions non littérales comme dab....

-En dehors d'ELVIS, j'aurais aimé rencontré BILL HALEY qui a eu une grande influence sur ma jeunesse et sur...le rock and roll...

- J'aurais été un bon père mais je ne regrette rien. Mes trois soeurs ont des enfants que j'ai vus grandir...Mon choix de vie a toujours été de donner la priorité à ma carrière, à mes fans, à ma liberté...Je n'aurais pas pu à la fois réussir cette carrière, la prolonger et en même temps fonder une famille....

- Oui, j'ai un berger allemand au Portugal. Il a une forte personnalité et me fait la fête chaque été quand j'y retourne comme si je ne m'étais pas absenté durant 10 mois (***) 

- Si je devais être bloqué dans un ascenseur, qui je choisirais? Dieu merci, je ne suis pas claustrophobe... Un jour, j'ai été enfermé dans un ascenseur avec Gloria Hunniford et son mari.... La porte bloquée était vitrée et nous avons vu tout ce qui se passait derrière. Notre hôte a appelé les pompiers avec lesquels nous avons bu du champagne quand ils nous ont libérés...Ce fut une belle expérience pour tous...( Cliff n'a pas répondu à la question!!!)

- Si j'étais pris dans un incendie, je sauverais ma médaille de Chevalier et une photo en noir et blanc de mes parents.

- J'ai la chance de vivre en bonne santé, c'est la clé du bonheur. Ma foi aussi m'aide beaucoup à voir les choses avec raison et sang-froid. L'effort que j'ai fait en mangeant sainement porte ses fruits.

- Ma chanson favorite? Difficile car j'ai connu beaucoup de succès avec des titres qui me plaisent mais j'ai un faible pour Summer Holiday qui a résisté aux décennies et qui reflète toujours aujourd'hui la station balnéaire idéale.......Living Doll, Devil Woman et Miss You Nights....

- Si je devais travailler pour un film avec un réalisateur, je choisirais RIDLEY SCOTT...

*** Oui, je confirme pour l'avoir aperçu l'été dernier dans la propriété de Cliff à GUIA!

Et pour les lecteurs qui voudraient lire l'article en son entier en anglais, le voici....






‘…I’d have been a good father…’        


In his most intimate interview to date, Sir Cliff Richard talks exclusively to Melonie Clarke about family, fatherhood and wanting to sing with One Direction


                                            By Melonie Clarke               

                             Half a century ago this month, a bus driver call Don (Cliff Richard) and his three pals, converted an old double-decker London bus into a caravan of sorts and headed off across Europe, intending to reach the sunny south of France to the delightful soundtrack of Summer Holiday. It was the second most popular film at the British box office in 1963 and 50 years on, the tune and the motion picture that cemented Cliff Richard’s celebrity status are as fresh and popular as ever.
With sales of more than 250 million records worldwide, and the third top-selling singles artist in UK history, it’s no surprise Cliff Richard says that music has always been the only career he has ever considered.
‘I can’t really see myself doing anything else. Had I not been as successful as I was, I think I would have still found a way to be involved in the industry, whether that was writing or producing,’ he says.
‘Music has always been a big part of my life. It just doesn’t seem possible to smother a passion and a desire to do what you love for a career.’
When I ask him if he has any plans to stop performing in the near future, happily for his fans, he says he would only consider it ‘if my voice were to give up on me. Performing puts a lot of pressure on the vocal chords, so if I ever thought I couldn’t give my fans the show they deserved, I’d stop singing.
‘There have been many greats who sang until the end, and I would consider myself very lucky if I get to do what they did. I’m still fit and able, and touring. After this tour I will be recording an album of rock’- n’roll hits and then in June, I will be touring again.’
For someone who is so well respected and loved in the industry, is there anyone, other than Elvis Presley, he would love to have met?
‘Bill Haley played a huge part in my childhood. I remember skipping school to queue at the box office for tickets when he was playing locally. Someone “snitched” and my friends and I got caught – we paid the price, but it was worth it. His music at the time was the most exciting party music. He will always have a place in rock’n’roll history.’
Sir Cliff Richard may believe that Haley has a firm place in rock’n’roll history, but of course, so does Sir Cliff himself. Considering his glittering career, I ask if any of his memories shines brightest.
‘Without a doubt, receiving a knighthood for services to music and charity. At first, when I got the letter, I couldn’t believe what it said. I think I ended up laughing for a good while out of sheer shock! But then, when I read it again, I realised it was actually happening.
‘What an honour. It gives me that added incentive to keep going for my fans (as I’m sure it was they who lobbied for me), which is why this summer will be a great time to get the dancing shoes back on.’
I for one cannot deny that in his youth, and even now, Richard pulls a handsome cap. With that in mind, I ask if he has any regrets about not settling down and starting a family.
‘Being completely honest, it has never bothered me,’ he says. ‘My three sisters have children, and it’s been wonderful to watch them grow up, get married and start families of their own. I’ve made sure I’ve always played a part in their lives. So while I think I would have been a good father, I’ve given myself to my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My “freedom” allows me to continue my career. Had I been married, with children, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now – I wouldn’t want to do what I do now.’
Those who know him will obviously be aware that other than music, his faith plays a huge part in his life. ‘It’s very much shaped who I am today. My faith has kept me sensible and shielded me from a lot of problems that someone with my “fame” could have encountered.’

He goes on to tell me that ‘It’s also having that something extra in my life that drives me to keep physically and mentally fit.’
So, in a society where we open the papers to see another star fall victim to drink and drugs, does he think his faith has kept him from a similar fate?
‘Growing up in the 1950s, the world was a very different place. Drugs weren’t as commonplace as they are now, but they were around. I just didn’t know what they were and now when I think back I realise that the smell backstage wasn’t ‘herbal’ cigarettes.
‘After 10 years in that environment, I started to think, “Is this how I’m going to end up?” and I certainly didn’t want anything to cut my life short. I was having a fantastic time performing. I’d have been devastated if anything had stopped me living my dream.’
And talking of current artists, it’s surprising to hear that the group Cliff Richard would love to work with today is the teen sensation, One Direction. ‘It was fascinating watching their fast rise to fame. For quite a while I didn’t hear their music. Of course I may have heard something on the radio, but often, nobody tells you what you have just listened to.
‘There’s been many a time when I would have bought a record, but didn’t know who or what to ask for. I’ve heard One Direction now, and think that each one of them has a terrific voice, so if they ever decide to do a duet, I’m available – but not “cheap”.’
So with his UK tour imminent, who knows, maybe we will see a surprise collaboration, bringing together older fans and a whole new generation. Either way, after chatting to Cliff Richard, it’s clear he has no intention to hang up his microphone any time soon.
‘I’m still reelin’ and a-rockin’, and I can still do it without falling off the stage. I’m on my way, so get on your dancing shoes – we’re gonna be rollin’ till the break of dawn!’


Take 5: Cliff

Do you have any pets? I have a German Shepherd in Portugal, and she has a wonderful personality. She greets me when I arrive every summer as though I’d just gone shopping and not as though I’d been away for 10 months.
If you were stuck in a lift for a day, who would you choose to be with? Thank goodness I don’t have claustrophobia. I was stuck in a lift once with Gloria Hunniford and her husband Stephen. The lift had a glass side, so we could see what was going on. Our host, who lived on the upper floor, brought down champagne for the firemen sent to rescue us and we managed to grab a glass or two for ourselves. Altogether, quite a good experience.
In a house fire, what would you save first? My knighthood medal comes to mind, and a black-and-white photo of my mum and dad.
What one thing would improve your quality of life? I’m very fortunate to have good health. I lead an active lifestyle and I think that’s the key to being happy within yourself. As I’ve mentioned, my faith also keeps me level-headed and able to look at things rationally. So as far as my quality of life goes, I’d say the effort I put into eating healthily and keeping fit has paid off.
Which of your hits is your favourite? I don’t necessarily have a favourite, as I love performing all those classic hits. If I were pushed, I’d say I’ll always have a soft spot for Summer Holiday. It’s a song that’s survived the decades and really encapsulates a forgotten era of the classic summer holiday. It was wonderful to film – we had so much fun. But then, of course, there was Devil Woman and We Don’t Talk Anymore, not to mention Living Doll… Miss You Nights… when you have been given so many wonderful songs to sing, it really is hard to pick just one.
If you were to appear in a film today, which director and actors would you like to work with? The director I would love to work with is Ridley Scott – and just about any actor.


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lilithewitch, le 22-02-2013 à 18:31:54 :

la fête--- la tête

J'abandonne, j'ai lu 3 fois et à chaque fois j'ai lu 'elle me fait la tête'... ok Coco tu avais mis 'la fête' ... excuse-moi d'avoir traduit le passage sur le chien... ok je prends définitivement des vacances d'internet

cliffette, le 22-02-2013 à 17:55:14 :

Merci Jean-Pierre.

J'ai passé l'après-midi à regarder des videos postées par les fans.
C'est vrai que Cliff a une forme extraordinaire et comme j'aimerais voir ce show !

serge.g , le 22-02-2013 à 17:17:31 :


article très intéressant serge

Carmen de Ghoy, le 22-02-2013 à 16:14:15 :

l'intervieuw de Cliff

Cliff est très proche de nous et a une profonde tendresse pour sa famille et surtout pour ses parents et par ses réponses nous nous retrouvons un peu en lui.

la maîtresse, le 22-02-2013 à 16:05:24 :

son chien en Algarve

I have a German Shepherd in Portugal, and she has a wonderful personality. She greets me when I arrive every summer as though I’d just gone shopping and not as though I’d been away for 10 months.
J'ai un berger allemand au Portugal et elle a une personnalité merveilleuse. Chaque été elle me salue quand j'arrive comme si je revenais  des courses et non comme si j'avais été absent pendant 10 mois.

la maîtresse, le 22-02-2013 à 16:05:09 :

son chien en Algarve

I have a German Shepherd in Portugal, and she has a wonderful personality. She greets me when I arrive every summer as though I’d just gone shopping and not as though I’d been away for 10 months.
J'ai un berger allemand au Portugal et elle a une personnalité merveilleuse. Chaque été elle me salue quand j'arrive comme si je revenais  des courses et non comme si j'avais été absent pendant 10 mois.


Françoise Tikuanyinwui, le 22-02-2013 à 14:59:47 :

Merci Coco pour toutes ces infos !

Après avoir regardé les vidéos que les fans ont prises pendant la tournée en Australie, je peux dire que j'étais époustouflée, émerveillée, abasourdie, subjuguée, enthousiasmée, bouleversée, rajeunie, ensorcelée, estomaquée, ravie, stupéfaite.... Cliff a une forme fantastique et un tonus extraordinaire ; en le regardant, je me dis, entre autre "bah, vieillir comme ça, bon, ça vaut le coup". Merci Cliff de nous montrer que c'est possible !

J'ai hâte d'avoir le DVD car c'est vraiment génial....

Bises à tous,