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Plus de 6000 témoignages à CLIFF sur fb pour ses 54 ans de carrière!


Comme je l'ai signalé fin de semaine passée, CLIFF fête ses 54 de carrière. Sur sa page facebook, la photo ci-dessous et la possibilité d'écrire depuis quand on est fan voire une anecdote. Plus de 2000 post et plus de 4000 "j'aime" jusqu'à présent...Come On les VIEUX!


Voici le mien!

  When I was very young (9 years old in 1959), my first two records were Ramona BLUES DIAMONDS AND MOVE IT. Since more than 50 years, I am a fan of Cliff. Every year, I bought his album. Since 2002, "WANTED" in BRUSSELS, I live every day "with" SCR and since 2006 I share my blog with thousands of supporters all over the world. I write an article every day (more than 300.000 visitors read my blog). I was lucky meeting CLIFF twice and speaking with him some words and taking photos. Last June, I was with my wife and good friends in Adega do Cantor for a fantastic week and unforgettable holidays... Cliff is the Best, simply a SIR forever!



Photo : 54 years in show business! How and when did you first discover Cliff Richard? Share your memories in the comments below. Admin





Le 15 août c'est l'ASSOMPTION et la Fête de toutes les "MARIE"


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Cliff1956, le 15-08-2012 à 08:30:41 :

Bonne fête du 15 août

Bonjour à tous en cette magnifique journée dédiée à la Vierge Marie. Bonne fête à toutes les Marie même à celle de Cliff (the I met Marie)! Bon anniversaire à Cliff pour nous avoir donné tant pendant toutes ces années. Gros bisous à tous. Marie

cliffette, le 15-08-2012 à 07:17:05 :

Encore une fois félicitations à Cliff pour ses 54 ans de carrière !

N'oublions pas les Marie dont c'est la fête aujourd'hui.

Bon 15 août à tous.

lilithewitch, le 14-08-2012 à 21:25:38 :

voici mon texte

1966 that's OUR year Cliff... that's when I knew to whom that unmistakable voice I had heard on radio 208 and I wanted to know who's that guy... the German magazine BRAVO and our first telly brought into my home. Posters on my bedroom wall, you were smiling at me when I entered the room and smiled me good night before I switched off the light to listen to the radio under my cover waiting for 'I could easily fall in love' 'Vision' 'Don't talk to him' 'Constantly' 'On the beach' ... then later 'All my love' ' Marianne' 'The day I met Mary'... the Eurovsion I was as disappointed as you... since then I followed your musical steps with one hope in mind to see you once on stage. Building up my family came first but always one of your newly released songs brightened up the happy events and made some sad days bearable. December 6, 2002 our next DATE Cliff, me in the audience at the Wanted tour and YOU on stage... I'll never forget that feeling, my expectations more than satisfied, I was over the moon and wanted to see you again and again... since that day I saw you each year... may be 2012 will be the exception... that's why I'm waiting for news from you!

lilithewitch, le 14-08-2012 à 21:05:34 :


Erreur de frappe? ... Cliff fête ses 54 ans de carrière n'est-ce pas?