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 CLIFF RICHARD: "Supporter of the charity"



Cliff performs for charity...Mini-concert de Cliff dans un jardin proche de Wimbledon à nouveau pour une oeuvre charitable. Tous les jours, SCR donne de sa personne (ou de son porte-feuilles) pour diverses bonnes oeuvres! Photos presqu'en LIVE sur "Cocoheinen"

Cliff Richard performs

Sir Cliff Richard performs to the crowd. Photo: London Tonight

A shower of summer rain and you can't keep him down.

Sir Cliff Richard performed his Wimbledon rain storm special "We're all Going on a Summer Holiday" when visiting homes for residents with learning difficulties in Barnett.

Sir Cliff was guest of honour for the charity Self Unlimited and was greeted by a choir performing in the garden.

On cue the heavens opened and without so much as a sound check the star with sixties hits like "Living Doll" grabbed a guitar and staged an impromptu concert. 

Sir Cliff is a long-term supporter of the charity: he first sang and played for them 50 years ago and has kept in touch since.

Sir Cliff Richard sings, as a willing volunteer shelters him with an umbrella.

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Carmen de Ghoy, le 04-07-2012 à 15:56:06 :

Cliff à Wimbledon

Bonjour à tous


Actu débordante Coco, Cliff est sollicité full time lorsqu'il est en Grande Bretagne ce qui nous vaut de très belles photos et d'excellents articles .

Bravo à toi aussi pour toutes ces trouvailles.