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Le Canada aime Cliff, voici quelques témoignages de fans qui l'écrivent.

Jerry Hazell
I am a big Cliff fan in Canada and I would like to hear from more fans out there
 Eleanor Murray
Hi, I've been a Cliff Richard fan for 35 years now since the first time I saw him in Summer Holiday when I was 11 years old! I thought my dream had come true when I saw him in concert in Edmonton in 1982, so couldn't believe it when I was lucky enough to visit England in April this year and take in two performances of Heathcliff. It was truly a magical experience!!!! I think his integrity, commitment and talent are unmatched! Would love to hear from other Cliff fans.....anytime, from anywhere
 Harry Anchan
I grew up in Southern India digging Cliff since the age of 5. So did my brothers. Now, among the four of us, we have a LOT of Cliff Richard music! Pretty soon, I will be posting my 16,000+ song titles for music trading at my home page among which are many, many Cliff Richard songs.
Do check out my home page at:
for one of the photos I had taken with Cliff.
 Jeannine Brown-Meyers
Hi, my name is Jeannine Brown-Meyers. I live in Ajax, Ontario (Canada) and have been a Cliff Richard fan for about 21 years (I am 35). I just love his soothing voice, so much so that I had two songs of his played during my wedding ceremony (for the signing of the register and for the Eucharist). Thank god my husband was in agreement to this.
I have many of his albums and CD's and would love to chat with anyone who is a fan of his also
Ajax, Ontario


Un tout grand merci à un autre Canadien (Djelloul22), membre de bloguez, qui me fait l'honneur de mettre à la "Une" de son blog une photo de Sir Cliff Richard. Je vous invite sur le blog de Djelloul22.

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 bud53, le 22-02-2009 à 16:24:13 :


Bonsoir de passage
Qui ne manque pas mais bien sur vous pouvez ci vous désirez 
Me retrouver sur ma section de mes amies ou vous allez a une amitié .
Nouveau sur bud53. Page news

 iaoranamafio, le 22-02-2009 à 05:07:21 :


Image hébergée par Casimages.com : votre hébergeur d images simple et gratuit

 hirondelle1, le 21-02-2009 à 15:50:03 :

bon dimanche


Bonsoir COCO ,

passe un très beau weekend.


prend bien soin de toi  parce que toi en premier, puis ton blog

vous êtes superbe, bisous je vote aussi et je t'envoye plein d'étoiles de bonheur

bonj à mariette

 argi, le 21-02-2009 à 13:53:58 :


voir l'image en taille réelle

Bonne soirée également à toi Coco. Amicalement Argi

 Plumedoie, le 21-02-2009 à 12:35:50 :

fait trop beau!!!!


Merci Coco
Passe une bonne soirée aussi

cliffette, le 21-02-2009 à 07:42:32 :

Bon week-end.

Cliff a des fans dans le monde entier.

Un bonjour aux Cliffettes.

 nadia38000, le 21-02-2009 à 07:13:49 :

bon week end

je viens te souhaiter un bon week end en t'apportant mon vote bisous nad