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 INTERVIEUW exclusive de CLIFF (23 octobre)


Sir Cliff Richard

Thursday 23 October 2008 10.15pm
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TEXTE COMPLET EN ANGLAIS, traduction résumée et perso de Coco.

“Gerry’s guest on the final Confidential of this season is a legendary figure in the Entertainment industry. Sir Cliff Richard has enjoyed a career as a pop singer that is of staggering longevity and achievement. He released his first hit single half a century ago – and made his first movie in 1959. Since then, he has sold over 250 million records, has had hit records in six successive decades, and has starred in almost a dozen feature films.

(L'invité final de Gerry pour cette année est une légendaire figure du Show Bizz. SCR réussit une carrière exceptionnelle de longévité et de succès...250 millions de disques vendus, dans les HITS pendant 6 décades...12 films...).



Cliff was born (as Harry Webb) in India in 1940 – the third generation of his family to have been part of the old British Raj. When he was 8 years old, India became Independent – and his parents moved to England: a country they had never even visited. It took them a considerable time to adjust to their new home, and, for some years, they lived in abject conditions: Cliff can even remember having to share one pair of shoes with his mother. “I’ll never forget that time”, he tells Gerry, “It makes me constantly grateful for what I have now. Every day at some point I think – how and why did I ever get here? What have I done to deserve it? I’m not even gifted. I mean, I’m not a great singer. I’m not a great actor. I’m not a great dancer. My great good fortune is that, for fifty years now, I have been able to fake it – and get away with it.”

(Cliff, né Harry Web 1940, aux Indes est venu en Angleterre à l'âge de 8 ans avec ses parents...La famille vécut sous le signe de la pauvreté et Cliff se rappelle la première paire de chaussures qu'il partageait avec sa maman: "Je n'oublierai jamais cette période, dit-il à Gerry. Je suis reconnaissant (à la vie?) de posséder ce que j'ai aujourd'hui mais qu'ai-je fait pour le mériter? Je ne suis ni bon chanteur, ni bon danseur, ni bon acteur (Coco: !!! trop modeste CLIFF, tu es le meilleur). Ma grande chance est d'avoir pu éliminer tout cela (mes lacunes) pendant 50 ans...



It was Elvis Presley that introduced Cliff to rock and roll music: “a car pulled up outside a shop where I was standing with a few friends. The driver got out and went into the shop. He left the radio playing in his car, and through the open window I heard Elvis singing “Heartbreak Hotel”. Then the guy came out of the shop, got back into his car and drove off. I didn’t even know who had been singing. But that was the moment that changed my life.” Cliff soon formed a rock and roll band called the Drifters – which, in time, became the Shadows – and started playing in Soho coffee bars. His first manager changed his name to Cliff (as in “Rock”) Richard (as in “Little Richard”). He released his first single shortly after he had turned 18: the song was called “Move It”, and is generally regarded as the first genuine rock and roll record to be written and recorded in England. Originally, it was released as the “B” side to a cover version of an American hit. “Move It” was denounced in the New Musical Express as “obscene, crude and revolting” – which may have helped ensure that it became a hit in its own right.

(C'est Elvis qui a changé la vie de Cliff. Un jour, SCR entendit "Hard Break GHotel" chanté par le King et ce fut le déclic. Cliff forma un groupe "The Drifters" (qui devinrent les Shadows) et Harry Web devint Cliff Richard (ROCK- Little Richard). Cliff avait 18 ans (1958),  le groupe sortit MOVE IT le premier disque ROCK AND ROLL en Angleterre. Incroyable, Move It figurait sur la face B et monta dans les hits alors qu'il était considéré comme obscène et provocateur!)



Within a month of the release of “Move It”, Cliff was signed up to make his first movie. It was called “Serious Charge” – and it was regarded as an “adult” movie, since the plot involved a Christian Minister who was falsely accused of being a homosexual. Cliff played a young “juve” – or “juvenile delinquent” – and the picture was rated “X” certificate, which meant that, legally, Cliff was not old enough it watch it himself.

In “Serious Charge”, Cliff sang a rockabilly version of a song called “Living Doll”. Under existing agreements with the Musicians’ Union, any song used in a movie soundtrack had to be re-recorded with a new arrangement – if it were to be released on vinyl. “Living Doll” was re-recorded in a Country and Western tempo – and it gave Cliff his first number 1 hit. The record also marked the crossover point in Cliff’s career – when he moved from being a rock and rock artist to becoming a pop singer. From then on, his career has been that of a family entertainer.  

(S'en suivit alors le premier film de Cliff " Serious Charge" considéré comme un film pour adultes. Cliff y jouait le rôle d'un jeune délinquant. Ce film sera censuré car Cliff était trop jeune aller le voir lui-même! Dans ce film, Cliff chantait "Living Doll" qui lui donna son premier NUMBER ONE au hit-parade. Ce fut aussi le départ de l'immense carrière populaire et familiale de Cliff).


Cliff probably reached the peak of his popularity in 1963 – with five Top 10 hits and the release of “Summer Holiday”, one of the most commercially successful movies ever made in the UK. But 1963 also witnessed the emergence of a new global phenomenon in the music industry: the Beatles. In the decades that followed, Cliff showed himself able to adapt and re-adept his career to changing circumstances. He sang in the Eurovision Song Contest. He had a few major hits in the USA. He recorded duets with artists as varied as Van Morrison and Daniel O’Donnell. He even re-recorded “Living Doll” with the cast of the cutting edge comedy show, “The Young Ones”.

(Cliff atteint son pic de popularité en 1963 avec 5 top 10 et le film le plus commercialisé "Summer Holidays"....Mais en 63, c'est le phénomène Beatles aux UK et dans le monde. Cliff doit s'adapter (à la concurrence), sa carrière change au fil des circonstances. Il enregistre aux USA, il se produit en duos avec de grandes vedettes...Puis le deuxième grand film à succès  "The Young Ones)...



In 1966, Cliff announced publicly that he had become a Christian. This led to a great deal of negative publicity in the Music press. Cliff believes that it also helps to explain why his records have been excluded consistently from the play lists of many radio stations. “My view of Christianity is not as rigid as it once was”, he tells Gerry, “I am happy to have friends who are Christians, but I am also happy to have friends who are not.”  Cliff believes that the hostility of the music industry to his religious views may have reached a climax with the release in 2000 of the “Millennium Prayer”. Cliff now regards this as “one of the most unhappy experiences of my life. The criticisms of the record began even before it was released. It was presented as if it were a crude piece of religious propaganda. My record label refused to release it. The stations refused to play it. But it became the biggest selling single of the year. I still do not understand how it generated the controversy that it did.”

(En 1966, Cliff annonce publiquement être (TRES) chrétien. Cliff intégrera sa foi immense dans plusieurs de ses disques et les critiques négatives de la presse musicale seront nombreuses. "The Millenium Prayer" (Coco: le NOTRE PERE)  est chanté par Cliff et considéré comme une propagande pour le Christianisme. Il sera démolli par d'autres vedettes (Coco: comme Georges Mickaë)l et censuré par des stations de radios. Cliff est heureux d'avoir des amis chrétiens et d'autres non croyants. Il s'étonne que ce morceau autant critiqué est devenu le SINGLE le plus vendu de 2000).



Over the years, there has also been a great deal of speculation about Cliff’s sexual identity. He has never married, and it has been widely rumoured that the “Bachelor Boy” is, in fact, gay. At this stage of his life, Cliff chooses not to respond directly to these suggestions. “I love the fact that – after fifty years – my sex life is still of such apparent interest to the press and the public. I refuse to say everything about my private life. I will say something about it, but not everything. We all of us have touched different people at different levels. I am an enigma with regards to my sexuality - and I love being one.”  Cliff has recently stated that his views on sexuality have undergone some change. He is no longer, for example, utterly opposed to the notion of same-sex marriages, and has said that the days are now gone when it was assumed that “loving relationships could be solely between men and women.”  

(Dernier chapitre, le point d'interrogation sur la vie sexuelle de Cliff qui n'a jamais été marié, le Bachelor Boy serait-il gay? " Après 50 ans, ce mystère reste entier et semble intéresser la presse...J'ai décidé de ne pas dévoiler ma vie privée...J'aime rester une énigme au regard des autres à ce sujet...(Coco: dans son livre My Life My Way, Cliff écrit avoir été trois fois amoureux et très proche du mariage, il cite les noms des presque élues). Cliff n'est pas opposé au mariage homosexuel. "Une relation amoureuse peut aussi bien exister entre hommes et femmes" conclut-il)

Gerry Ryan and Sir Cliff Richard
Gerry Ryan and Sir Cliff Richard
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 alecoute13, le 25-10-2008 à 13:50:04 :

Commentaire sans titre

Hello Coco!!


Te voilà de retour aprés quelques jours de repos!!

J'espère que tu es en pleine forme et que tout va bien pour toi!!

Merci pour ton passage et ton reportage sur Cliff!!

Je te souhaite une trés bonne journée et un week-end magnifique!!

A trés bientôt Coco!!





 chatonmel, le 25-10-2008 à 12:18:48 :

Commentaire sans titre



je viens les yeux demi clos lol ( il est 6h00)

pourquoi je me leve si tot?

je sais que c'est idiot!


Mais je suis attendu

a un dejeuner innatendu lol

chez ma maman et son copain

a un brunch du matin


je veux simplement me preparer

sans rien me presser

avant que l'on vienne me chercher

question de bien relaxer!


Bonne journée

a vous tous meme si ici le soleil pas encore levée



 gabriel, le 24-10-2008 à 18:11:35 :

Commentaire sans titre

Tu as bien raison. ça fait du bien de "décrocher" de la toile de temps en temps. Cet un super article que celui-ci. Bon vendredi à toi et week-end à venir J-P

Gabriel + vote

Carmen de Ghoy, le 24-10-2008 à 16:18:49 :

Commentaire sans titre

Bonjour Coco,


l'air marin, l'iode, les frites et crevettes t'ont  reboosté. tu reviens en force aujourd'hui pour notre plaisir

car quand il s'agit de Cliff, nous sommes toujours preneuses.

Une Cliffette heureuse de te lire aujourd'hui.

 Plumedoie, le 24-10-2008 à 15:06:41 :

Commentaire sans titre


Cool de faire un peu d'anglais
c'est Cliffette qui doit apprécier!!
Bon retour Coco
Bon Week end


cliffette, le 24-10-2008 à 14:30:34 :

Commentaire sans titre

A peine arrivé et déjà au top de l'actualité de Cliff : bravo Coco !

Et...merci pour la traduction car, si j'ai un peu progressé en ce qui concerne l'écrit, il me reste beaucoup de travail à faire pour l'oral !

Bon après-midi, moi, je vais continuer à lire l'autobiographie de notre idole.

 objectifrandos, le 24-10-2008 à 13:43:39 :

bonjour JP,

voici mon passage du jour ! merci pour les traductions et explications, car pas très fortiche en anglais le didou !!! bonne journée à toi didier.

 yamina, le 24-10-2008 à 12:16:38 :


Bonjour Coco,


J'espère que tu te sens mieux après cette petite évasion.

Bon retour.



 yamina, le 24-10-2008 à 12:16:34 :


Bonjour Coco,


J'espère que tu te sens mieux après cette petite évasion.

Bon retour.