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Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

Customers who have purchased or rated music by Cliff Richard might like to know that 21 Today is now available.  You can order yours for just £4.99 by following the link below.

21 Today 21 Today
Cliff Richard
Price: £4.99
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Track Listings

1. Happy Birthday To You
2. Forty Days
3. Catch Me
4. How Wonderful To Know
5. Tough Enough
6. 50 Tears For Every Kiss
7. The Night Is So Lonely
8. Poor Boy
9. Y'arriva
10. Outsider
11. Tea For Two
12. To Prove My Love For You
13. Without You
14. A Mighty Lonely Man
15. My Blue Heaven
16. Shame On You"


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serge, le 10-01-2012 à 11:02:28 :


bonsoir moi il me manque 2 33t bonne soirée serge

cliffette, le 10-01-2012 à 01:14:26 :


Certains fans ne connaissaient pas Cliff à cette époque !

Moi, j'ai pratiquement tous ses disques...