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Ce dimanche à très long article du SUN sur Cliff qui n'hésite pas à donner son avis défavorable à des émissions comme X.FACTOR qui tentent en vain de "fabriquer" de nouvelles stars! "Ce n'est pas demain que l'on y dénichera des ELTON JOHN, TOM JOHN ou CLIFF RICHARD" a affirmé celui-ci...

Cliff Richard: I'm the Rip Van Winkle of Pop

Cliff Richard

PETER Pan of Pop Sir Cliff Richard has accused music mogul Simon Cowell of living in Never Never Land over The X Factor.

The pop legend is convinced the talent show will fail to create a global superstar until Cowell properly develops artists and stops demanding instant success.

Cliff, 71, who has sold more than 250million records over 50 years, launched a blistering tirade against the show.

He says: “Take it from me, the next Elton John, Tom Jones or Cliff Richard will not be found on The X Factor, despite what Simon thinks.

“Real stars on that show, lasting stars, will only come when artists get 100 per cent care and attention and are not under pressure to get No1s all the time.

“My first record reached No2 in the charts, my second No7, then nine, then 17, my first No1 was Living Doll. That can’t happen now.

“These days a No2 is considered a flop and you are not signed again.”

Cliff points to the example of singer Kate Bush saying record label EMI gave her two years to hone her skills before a single was released.

He says: “It is a shame, The X Factor shows do produce some talent. Even the losers are great.”

“If they want to find someone who has longevity, Simon Cowell and judge Louis Walsh have to tell record companies we don’t just want one-hit wonders and then work with these artists.”

Cliff, who was launching the DVD of his Soulicious tour which culminated at London’s O2 Arena, still has an army of fans but has fallen foul of some radio stations who refuse to play his hits such as The Young Ones, Bachelor Boy, Summer Holiday and Congratulations....A suivre sur ce lien...



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