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Barbara Walton
Cliff was Absolutely Amazing again tonight, Liverpool totally Rocked!! People UP for lots more songs tonight! What a Party!! Loads of Dancing and singing & clapping, We had two guys sat next to us, they were up dancing, singing & clapping nearly all night just like us, they were really having a great time! Atmosphere tonight was ELECTRIC!! Cliff sounded Amazing, Looked Amazing Again!! This concert is so well put together, AMAZING, AWESOME, Really enjoyed all the Soulicious music again, Here's to The Next Time!! I'm still Floating on that Big Soft cloud! :)))
What a fantastic night in Liverpool,we were in block b on the back row and had a brilliant view,AND we could stand and dance as much as we wanted,cos there was no-one behind us!!!The atmosphere seemed better than Manchester,but that might be because of where we were sitting,everyone around us(in our block)were up singing and dancing. The only negative was being told we could only take photos evry so often,without flash(which is better for me)and no videos at all. I only took 3-4 pics at the begining,and was told no more until later in the show.The steward was right at the back of me!!!! (LINDA)


Cliff Richard at the Liverpool Echo Arena (pictures: David Munn) - Image 1

Deux parmi de très nombreux avis concernant le remarquable concert Soul de Cliff à LIVERPOOL mercredi. CLIFF, les chanteurs, les danseurs, les spectateurs ont vibré dans une atmosphère  SOULICIEUSEMENT ELECTRIQUE.

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Carmen de Ghoy, le 21-10-2011 à 04:41:17 :

Soulicious Tour

Bonjour à tous


Encore quelques jours et j'espère que toi aussi tu vas vibrer souliciousement  et électriquement.  Je te souhaites déjà un très bon concert ainsi qu'à Lili et un bon séjour à Londres et nous serons avec vous en pensées. J'aime de plus en plus cet album.

Bon vendredi

cliffette, le 21-10-2011 à 01:39:15 :

Réactions très positives !

Tant mieux.

Vivement le 14 novembre pour la sortie du DVD enregistré à Londres.

Bonne journée