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CLIFF vs présente ses meilleurs voeux. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l'anglais, voici un court résumé:


1. Heureux d'avoir atteint la 2è place avec son nouveau CD "21th century Christmas"

2. Il n'a manqué que quelques centaines de ventes de ce CD pour que Cliff soit l'unique chanteur à être numéro 1 durant 6 décades!

3. Cliff a reçu un nouvel AWARD (PRIX) que seule avant lui Madonna avait aussi obtenu.

4. Comme Madonna qui ouvre des hôpitaux pour enfants, CLIFF oeuvre pour les déshérités et a offert beaucoup de ses gains dont ses spectacles à Birmingham pour les enfants des pays en voie de développement.

5. Cliff a aussi été fêté pour avoir rassemblé durant sa carrière plus d'UN MILLION de spectateurs à l'ARENA de WEMBLEY (UNIQUE)

6. Malgré cette tournée aux UK et avant la "mondiale" qui le conduira en Afrique, Asie, Océanie et Europe (20 et 21 mars à Paris et Bruxelles), Cliff a répondu présent aux sollicitations des radios et TV britanniques. De Belgique, on pourra le voir sur la BBC. Je vs conseille de suivre l'émission de variétés "Songs of Praise" du dimanche.

7. Cliff va passer les fêtes en famille et se reposer un peu.



Thanks – and Happy (21st Century) Christmas!!

December 19th, 2006

Well, the good intentions were there but I’m afraid I didn’t quite manage the ‘occasional blog’ I’d hoped for during the UK tour!   It’s surprising how little free time there actually is when I’m on the road.

But the tour was fantastic;  all of us on stage loved it and, from what I’ve seen of your reactions, you did too.   We were sad to lose Richie Lund, our new guitarist, so early in the tour, due to illness, but are glad to know that surgery was successful.   Unfortunately he won’t be fit enough to join the overseas tour, but we all send him our love and best wishes for a full recovery.

Since returning home from the tour, my feet have hardly touched the ground.   As you will know, I flew up to Manchester on 11 December to the Variety Club’s tribute event for Daniel O’Donnell.    That was a fun evening and I enjoyed it hugely - though getting up early the next morning to fly back to London in time for my 2.30 pm call-time on The Paul O’Grady Show was a bit of an effort!

As you’ll know, during the last week, I also did a Radio 5 Live interview with Eamonn Holmes, pre-records for the Saturday Show and Radio 2’s Steve Wright Show, an interview for Emap TV, the This Morning show, Strictly Come Dancing, an interview for a Radio 2 documentary on the Bee Gees, and several telephone interviews for radio.

It was a shame that I didn’t quite make the No 1 slot in the week leading up to Christmas but I think the ‘opposition’ was just too great.   Interestingly, over-the-counter sales of 21st Century Christmas were almost half as many again as Take That’s, but they beat me hollow on downloads - about 14,000 to my 700-odd!   However, thank you so much for all your efforts to get me my sixth-decade No 1 - I really appreciate your enthusiastic support.   And, to be honest, a Top 3 position in six decades isn’t to be sneezed at - especially as I’m apparently the only artist ever to have achieved it!

And now it’s the countdown to Christmas.   I’ll be joining my office team for a Christmas lunch this week, and then the family will get together for the actual day.   Later in December I take off for a well-earned (in my opinion!) break before heading to Dubai for the first part of my overseas tour.

I’ll be blogging again in 2007, but meanwhile wish you all the happiest of Christmasses, and a peaceful and fulfilling New Year.

News from the tour

November 17th, 2006

Well, the tour is now under way but I’ll try to come up with an occasional blog while I’m on the road.

Those of you who’ve seen the show will know that it’s packed with action, so rehearsals through October were pretty intensive, but I think they’ve paid off!   I’m loving working with the band and the dancers, and the duets add a new dimension, I think. 

Although October was monopolised by rehearsals, I managed to get along to the opening night of Spamalot.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a show;  I can’t wait to go back and see it again.

When I was at Wembley, I was honoured to have my hand-print cast in bronze and included in their new Square of Fame - at the moment it’s just me and Madonna!   They’ll add more of course as time goes on.   I also received an award for having played to more than half a million people at Wembley over the years;  I’m their Number One artist for ticket sales apparently.



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 Kadehar, le 21-12-2006 à 20:40:57 :

Commentaire sans titre

Re, Cliff sur Cocoheinen.b.com, Cliff sur Casa Graphik, Cliff dans ton coeur, mon cher tu as le award du plus grand fan ! 5*

fourire.bloguez.com, le 21-12-2006 à 11:16:58 :

Bon matin

Voila ta passion chez moi et c'est génial.
Merci pour le temps que tu y passera et j'èspere un grand nombre de lecteurs sera présent. Un passage ici ne s'éteindra pas et surtout pas en cause des fantomes ( encore de l'humour ).. voila J-P et au plaisirs de lire dans le demain...
Fais tout ce qu'il faut pour les bon souhaits des fêtes dans ta famille ....

aurevoir et à la prochainne alors..

Figarette, le 21-12-2006 à 09:26:32 :

Commentaire sans titre

Bonjour et merci pour l'intégrale en anglais
Bon jeudi

Cliffette., le 21-12-2006 à 08:49:19 :

Commentaire sans titre

Bravo pour les chants de Noël que tu nous fait découvrir ou redécouvrir( je ne me souvenais plus de "Christmas never comes" !)
Sais-tu si Cliff est premier au top anglais maintenant ?

lapetiteetoile, le 21-12-2006 à 06:08:34 :

coucou cocoheinen

Bonne journée à toi.
Je vote comme à chaque visite chez toi.
A bientôt.